From idea to running business

We help you to shape the idea you have into a real business

Setting right goals and targets

We help you to define the suitable goals for the business

Building with right building blocks

We help you to choose the right cutting edge tools

Measuring and tracking success

We measure and track the succcess with you

To make this all already more concrete

We help SMEs to shape their business until they succeed. We’ll build a plan, iterate, fix risks, set goals, build services or products, produce content, promote it all and measure the success.
Success as a service.

Business plan

We adapt Lean Canvas method to validate and improve your business plan


We help you to build your MVP and to get things done. Today!


Reaching the right audience on the right time. We are there for you!


When it’s time to scale with new funding, we’ll open the rights doors.

About us

„More operative and practical than expected“

We are there to help you to shine. Cutting diamonds means putting yourself to the task and getting your hands dirty. That’s how we do it. Not „just“ ideas and planning, let’s really do what when plan with you! Diamonds shine brighter together.

Success as a service

We have done it. We have succeeded, we have failed. We know what it takes shape the business to a diamond. Our purpose is to help you to shine.


We’ve cashed out earlier businesses. Without losing the touch to reality


Our team is awarded and respected members of active communities


Let’s talk! It’s all not that serious. It’s business and life. Let’s enjoy it and keep relaxed, but motivated attitude to it all.


Following best practices, models and processes helped us. We help you to use and follow those too. Success as a service.


Now is the best time!