Advancing Balance Measurement Innovation in Germany

The majority of a person’s functional status and related changes can be accurately assessed through balance measurements. Understanding neuroperformance not only assists experts in verifying a patient’s condition, but also proves beneficial in fields such as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, elderly care, and even sports.

Ainone, a Finnish company, specializes in innovative balance measurement solutions. Their developed technology enables precise and reliable balance measurements, earning them significant recognition from healthcare and sports professionals within their home country. One of Ainone’s key strengths lies in its compact, user-friendly, and portable sensor, allowing reliable measurements without the need for complex and costly equipment. With international potential for their product and a growing domestic market, international expansion was a natural progression.

Germany emerged as an expansion target due to its high purchasing power and cultural similarities. However, language barriers, intricate bureaucracy, and identifying suitable collaborators presented challenges. To address these hurdles, Ainone chose to partner with Shaping Diamonds.

„You’re the best team we’ve ever had“
-Greg Steele

The project commenced with a concise market analysis encompassing competitors, industry trends, and potential partner companies. Soon, both entities aligned on the strategic steps to take. The process began by reaching out to professionals within the target field.

To date, Shaping Diamonds has facilitated over 40 meetings for Ainone with neuro performance experts, physiotherapists, consults and potential partners, advocating for them at industry events and setting up partnerships and first sales. The collaboration endures, and beyond these meetings, upcoming plans include webinars, further solidifying their partnership. ”You’re the best team we’ve ever had” said project manager Greg Steele in a focus meeting. 

As Ainone journeys forward, this collaboration stands as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in overcoming challenges, expanding into new markets, and advancing innovative technologies. Shaping Diamonds is happy to continue working in the future with innovative companies such as Ainone, which actually has an impact on people’s treatment and recovery.