Revolutionizing Head Injury Prevention: Norspo’s Triumph with Shaping Diamonds in Germany

Head impacts can exert a substantial influence on the health, overall well-being, and athletic performance of athletes. These occurrences are prevalent across various sports, regardless of the level of play or the age and gender of the participants. It’s important to note that head impacts aren’t confined to a select few sports such as American Football, boxing, ice hockey, and rugby. They are equally prevalent in sports such as soccer, basketball, handball, floorball, cycling, roller skating, scooting, equestrian sports, Alpine sports, motorsports, and numerous others.

A Finnish company, named Norspo, is on a mission to prevent head injuries in sports. With its innovative product called Act Tracker, they have developed a groundbreaking solution to prevent head injuries in contact sports. The Act Tracker is designed to address a critical need in the sports industry, offering a unique and effective approach to mitigating head impacts in contact sports: The tracker collects data on the impacts during rehearsals and gameplay, which helps the coaches address the need for additional coaching and paying attention to the players game style in order to prevent head injuries. 

The active sports landscape and market share were the main reasons for starting the internationalization process in Germany. Norspo didn’t have a starting point and wanted to establish a foothold. Their highest need was to prepare market entry strategies, insights into the German sports industry’s nuances and identifying key players in the market. After considering different options, Norspo decided to pick Shaping Diamonds as a partner.

„Amazing skills in finding right people“

Heidi Kivimaa, CEO

The project started with a ELY funded market research and by identifying the lowest-hanging fruits: Shaping Diamonds started to gather contact information and leads in different fields of sport. The lead search started with sports clubs and coaches and continued to find influencers such as professional players in American football, rugby, and ice hockey. Sooner than later the first pilots in Germany were managed and Shaping Diamonds continued to work with Norspo in terms of helping the sales process and finding more athletes to test the product.

Moreover, Shaping Diamonds‘ network of connections and industry relationships proved to be an asset.  „They facilitated essential introductions to potential partners which greatly expedited our market penetration efforts. They have amazing skills in finding the right people“ says Heidi Kivimaa, the CEO of Norspo.“Throughout the entire process, Shaping Diamonds demonstrated a genuine commitment to our success. Their team was not only professional but also approachable, making the collaboration a seamless and enjoyable experience,“ she continues. 

The collaboration continues with smiles on both teams‘ faces. Shaping Diamonds and Norspo has established an ongoing partnership with fixed monthly hours and a success fee based on the booked meetings. Shaping Diamonds is happy to have Norspo as a client, with an innovative idea that results in safe gameplay in sports.