Outgrow your local market.

As an innovative business leader, you are always looking for ways to succeed and grow. We help you overcome the challenges of international expansion. From market research and entry strategies to local partner identification, you’ll have our support and a competitive edge.

Success as a service

We have done it. We have succeeded, we have failed. We know what it takes to shape the business into a diamond. Our purpose is to help you shine.


We’ve cashed out earlier businesses. Without losing the touch to reality


Our team is awarded and respected members of active communities


Let’s talk! It’s not that serious. It’s business and life. Let’s enjoy it and have a relaxed, but motivated attitude.


Following best practices, models and processes helped us. We help you to use and follow those too. Success as a service.

Are you ready to start growing?

Let’s make it happen! With a solid internationalization strategy in place, we can unlock new markets, tap into diverse customer bases, and drive unprecedented growth. Let’s break down the usual barriers that SMEs face and embrace the world of opportunity that awaits us.


We plan the next steps towards internationalisation


We conduct market research with surveys and interviews


We identify the sales streams and contact potential partners


We strive to get your company its first international sales

Join our Happy Clients


Join our happy clients!