„Shaping Diamonds – success as a service“ is not just about helping clients behind closed doors. The experience and information we use in our projects is out there for anyone to read and learn. When someone succeeds, another company or person doesn’t have to lose. This is tenacious belief and myth we want to fight every day. With right methods companies are not fighting about a slice of cake, rather then baking together a bigger cake – so that there’s enough for everyone.

To help companies who have not decided yet to shine directly with us, we’re planning a series of books (incl. ebooks and audio books) that work as a „self help“ when you want to take it slow or have just had the relevation about the rough diamond inside you.

Many of the themes will be covered in our blog already in some level, but we also bring new material and step-by-step instructions to be publications.

Some of the themes we’ll be covering in the series of books:

  • 7 things to consider when a business idea hits your head
  • Right level of a business plan in ever changing world
  • Identifying business risks and tackling them
  • Building right processes and how to measure it all
  • When to double your marketing spend
  • Exit is not the end

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